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Gangster Miami: The True Stories of the Most Notorious Mobsters, Hitmen, and Kingpins in the Sunshine State

Johnny Gainesville has been searching for his brother for months and still has no clue about where he is. Clive Klick, Johnny's boss, said that he should go to Miami to find his brother. Also, Clive told Johnny that he had an associate, Roscoe, who would be able to help him. First, Johnny would have to meet Roscoe's subordinate Betty, who would bring him to Roscoe. As Johnny heads for Miami as Clive told him, he drives in the countryside trying to find a nearby gas station where he meets Albert, a car lover and garage worker who thinks that old rusty D340 trucks are beautiful. Just when Johnny walks inside, a car (driven by gangsters) pulls up nearby and throws a grenade at Johnny's car, which then explodes. Johnny steals Albert's car and rushes to Betty.

Grand Gangster Miami City Auto Theft is an action mobile game created by GameSource. In this free game, you will live the dangerous and intriguing life of a gangster. You will explore an open world and fight your way to complete bully missions.

gangster miami


As the name suggests, Grand Gangster Miami City Auto Theft is patterned after the popular gangster franchise Grand Theft Auto. It follows the wake of the popular series, plunging you into the spiral of violence and crime. However, this video game allows you to interact with your environment. If only the controls were smooth and precise.

Here, you will play a gangster plunged into a life of violence and crime. You will complete missions, which often involve beating up enemies using various weapons. Like other GTA titles, it also plays like a car driving simulator, allowing you to explore an open world aboard different cars. You can perform various car stunts. Even better, some missions will have you operate a helicopter.

What makes this game different from other free gangster games is that it allows you to interact with your environment. You can beat up passengers, steal vehicles, and even vandalize with total freedom. However, players will be frustrated with the control as it is often imprecise. The graphics and sounds are also subpar compared to the Rockstar games. Worse, the app is prone to lagging.

In the dark, crime-ridden streets of grand Mafia City, a legendary grand gangster named Frankie "Wheelman" Romano was making a name for himself. Frankie was obsessed with car games, car driving games, and fighting games. When he wasn't committing crimes or evading the police, he spent hours honing his skills in offline games and gun games.Frankie's fascination with car games began in his early years when he would spend hours playing car driving games, dreaming of the day he could drive his own souped-up vehicle through the streets of Crime City. As he grew older, his interests expanded to fighting games and gun games, where he developed a passion for the adrenaline rush that came from the heat of the battle.As a member of the notorious Gangstar family, Frankie quickly rose through the ranks of the criminal underworld. He became known for his expertise in offline games and shooting games, using his skills to plan elaborate heists and evade capture. His life of crime, however, often led to intense police chases, forcing Frankie to use his experience from car driving games and police games to outsmart and outrun the law.Frankie loved the thrill of the chase and the heart-pounding excitement of police games. The more intense the police chase, the more exhilarated he felt. With each daring escape, Frankie's skills in car driving games and police simulator games grew stronger, as did his reputation in the underworld.One day, Frankie caught wind of an upcoming operation by the police in Mafia City. They planned to crack down on the Gangstar family, using police simulators and training with shooting games to prepare for the raid. Recognizing the threat, Frankie knew he had to come up with a plan to protect his criminal empire.He decided to assemble a team of the best gangsters in Mafia City, each skilled in their own area of expertise. Together, they spent hours playing offline games and police simulator games to prepare for the upcoming police raid. They practiced their shooting skills in gun games and honed their driving abilities in car games, focusing on high-speed police chases and evasive maneuvers.As the day of the police operation arrived, the streets of Crime City were filled with tension. Frankie's team, armed with knowledge from fighting games and mafia games, was ready for battle. The police, on the other hand, were confident in their abilities, having spent hours training in police simulator games and police games.The ensuing conflict was a high-stakes game of cat and mouse. As police chases tore through the streets of Mafia City, Frankie's crew used their skills from car driving games to evade capture. Gunfire echoed throughout the city as both sides traded shots, utilizing their experience from gun games and shooting games to outmaneuver one another.In the heat of battle, Frankie found himself in a high-stakes police chase. He expertly weaved through traffic, using the skills he had honed in car driving games and police games. Frankie's team, relying on their experience from fighting games and mafia games, fought back fiercely against the officers in pursuit.As the battle raged on, Frankie noticed a weakness in the police's strategy. Having spent countless hours playing mafia games and analyzing police simulator games tactics, he saw an opportunity to strike a decisive blow against the authorities. In a daring move, he led his crew on a high-speed police chase, drawing the officers away from their primary target.With the police now in pursuit, Frankie's crew used their experience from car games and fighting games to launch a daring counterattack. The police, caught off guard by the sudden change in strategy, were unable to adapt quickly enough. The Gangstar family emerged victorious, having protected their empire through their mastery of mafia games, gun games, and police games.

Enjoy the fast-paced action with stealth and become the most wanted real gangster auto theft mafia thug. Your mission is to complete the grand challenge of defeating the gangsters within the time limit.Eliminate all the crime gangster grand war from the open world city. And take revenge in the grand war in the action game crime city gangster.Start your journey in the most grand way and experience the best thug life like never before.Escape from the cops chasing you in police car and drive around in your racing car that you stole from the enemy group. Complete story mode, rage attack, hunt mafia or participate in insane chases by fastest cars.As famous grand sniper within the Mafia you are in charge of the most difficult theft missions.Or join the free mode where you will face multiple survival missions so that you will be able to save your life! Use the map that is on the top corner of your screen for the directions and get to the targeted locations on your motor bike or auto.Play survival missions or escape missions. They are all challenging and great action game modes!Auto thief - Choose your gun from the artillery to face the grand challenges or escape in your fast auto vehicle like civilian car, racing car, tank etc. Just be careful of the police helicopter trailing you in this great open world police chasing after gangster game. Because it is time to eliminate the agent from the enemy side of the grand god father of the most wanted grand gang who is indulge in the extreme criminal robbery street crimes.FEATURES- Engaging gameplay with adventurous crime scenes-Multiple thrilling grand gangster modes in the best open world action game-Driving in modern auto, shooting, survival mode-10+ exciting levels in the challenge mode like time limit to complete the grand crime missions- Epic and addictive sound and visual effects-Chose your hero, weapon and vehicle for the open world theft missions

Known as the "mob's accountant," Meyer Lansky was financier who worked with golden era gangsters like Charles "Lucky" Luciano and childhood friend "Bugsy" Siegel. Though often portrayed as a secondary character in Hollywood mob hits, Lansky might have been the most influential crime boss of the entire Twentieth Century, helping establish organized crime syndicates from New York to Las Vegas to Cuba.Finally, the only mobster to ever make the Forbes Wealthiest People List is getting his theatrical due with Lansky, which opens at the Aventura Arts and Culture Center next Wednesday. It's fitting that the production finds its way to South Florida -like most things New York--because Lansky spent a good portion of his late life living in Miami Beach, where he died in 1980 at 83. But Lansky is only one of a long list of mobsters who called Miami home. Here are five others all time mobsters who lived or got pinched in the 3-0-5.

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Welcome to Miami, This Grand City is run by the underworld and the streets are owned by the gangsters. Do you think you have what it takes to survive? This Viral Open-World game gives you a chance to experience the mean streets of Miami in a way like you have never seen before. By combining open-world gameplay with amazing character narratives, We welcome you in a town packed with adventure and limitless possibilities. The question is can you handle the heat?Enjoy the free run in the wild and vibrant city of Miami. You can steal, fist fight or shoot your way through the town. Each corner has a dangerous challenge waiting for you.In the Gangster filled city of Miami there is no shortage of missions filled with adventure. Steal whatever you need and beat those in your way, That's the Gangster way! The city controlled by the Grand Mafia has only one rule To Survive.Missions:Time Race:Get a chance to race real time gangsters for territorial control and survival. The first one to complete the challenge before the time runs out gets to live to fight another day!Transporter:You Have job and your life depends on it! The boss wants you to transport important gang members to the other side of the town. Beware! The police are on the lookout for any suspicious activity. If you get busted you die!Vigilante:Sick of seeing these Gangsters run wild and free in your city? You can be a vigilante and clean the streets. Get in the Police car and start arresting these Mobsters. Show them who the real boss is.Paramedic:If you are in a mood to do some good today, This mission got you covered. There is no shortage of gang crime victims in the blood soaked streets of Miami. Run around in an ambulance and save as many people as you can. Their Life depends on you!

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