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Maverick Sanchez
Maverick Sanchez

Create or Modify Any Pokemon with Pokemon Emerald Save Editor

so i came across the emerald save editor about a year or so ago when i needed to restore some of my outdated games. generally, i prefer to use the pokemon bank to store all my save files, but this one was just so different from the rest of them. (i had to use this one to play other games, and thus, the ability to do the decompl hack.)

Pokemon Emerald Save Editor

with the original emerald save file, the player character sprite was just a regular sprite. there were no ways to interact with it outside of changing the luck of battles. by putting these commands in place, we are able to make the sprite change from behind a blue background to be a generic sprite.

this is the most important one. if i don't have any pokemon to switch to, for whatever reason, i am not able to beat the game. by changing the player to a different pokemon, i'm always able to get at least one pokemon in my party, and thus, i'm able to continue on.

instead of having my character pokemon suffer from all the damage and attack power that he got in previous areas, this changes all his stats to a 100 point (10 per stat) increase. now the enemy won't have to fear his punches, nor his fear and sneak up behind him to ko him. thus, catching him off guard.

so i beat the elite four and timmy. should that have really taken so long? also, when i try to enter the ultra ball, it says it was "closing in" on whatever pokemon it is after it gave me its name, and that when it ended it would overwrite my file with the actual data. i understand this, but i thought it would be a little more interesting?

this is usually used in the case of a modified pokemon emerald save file is found. it will modify the pbem "pp" values on the save file to use the values from the hacked pokedex, pokenav, hm, tm, iv, nature and gender table when you insert the (in the case of an "launch" exploit) hacked save file into your pokemon emerald emulator for editing.

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