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Nikke the Goddess of Victory CBT APK - Everything You Need to Know About the New Global Test

When is Nihilister droping?I want to know, bc even if ive quit the game almost a month ago (BC nikke is one of the worst gachas, it could have been one of the best, but 10c) , so i want to know when she drops, Ive been saving for Nihilister since Modernia, and I can buy Nihilister with gold tickets if all else fails.

Download GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE on PC and fight for the repossession of what remains of Earth. Go to battle against metallic aliens that have driven humanity underground and claim victory. Are you ready to play? Download GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE on PC now.

nikke the goddess of victory cbt apk


NIKKE will be available on iOS and Android devices globally later in 2022. For those who wish for a chance to try out NIKKE earlier, head on over to for a chance to join the closed beta test that began recruitment on March 6, 2022.

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