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High Heat(2022)

Saban Films is getting ready for the release of its next high-octane action comedy. Today, the company has released the trailer for High Heat, and it's full of everything an action fan could ever hope for. The movie, which stars Olga Kurylenko and Don Johnson, will be in theaters, on Digital, and On Demand starting on December 16.

High Heat(2022)

In early September 2022, a long-lasting heat dome settled over the U.S. West and brought scorching temperatures that set all-time record highs. The extreme heat fueled wildfires and stressed the power grid before an eastern Pacific tropical storm moved into the region and broke the warm spell.

On September 7, 2022, more than 61 million people were under active extreme heat advisories, watches, and warnings, according to the National Weather Service. Excessive heat warnings were issued for much of California and parts of western Arizona and southern Nevada. Temperatures reached well into the triple digits (Fahrenheit), with some areas exhibiting record-high nighttime lows and relatively high dew points, both of which contribute to the health effects of heat.

All-time high temperatures ranging into the mid-110s Fahrenheit were recorded in the California cities of Santa Rosa, Napa, Livermore, Redwood City, San Jose, and King City. Both Merced and Sacramento reached 116F (46.7C), their highest temperatures since record-keeping began in 1899 and 1877, respectively. The Sacramento record, which was previously 110F (43.3C), was broken by a significant margin.

The Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) is conducting rulemaking to update the requirements for occupational heat exposure hazards from high ambient temperatures in all industries, including outdoor and indoor exposures.

L&I adopted emergency rules on July 9, 2021, and again on June 1, 2022 to address extreme high heat procedures with requirements for preventative cool-down rest with specific amounts of shade and mandatory cool-down rest periods at 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ana and Ray are both hiding one big secret from each other, but the excitement over their new business prospect is completely earnest. Ana wants to go as far as she can to set the business on the right track, setting high expectations for her kitchen staff while never pushing too hard. Her past profession is something she wants to forget, though the benefits of her time in the KGB net her with the language and fighting skills she requires to make it through the night.

Some scenes, played for comedy, go on too long, and the jokey scenarios and dialogue become annoying. This, on top of the film's by-the-numbers aspects, means that High Heat can be surprisingly boring despite its high number of fighting and action scenes.

Movies that take place in one night usually have an inside track on a solid, if not good, script. When simplifying even the shortest movie down to this formula, the success rate of these films is very high, all things considered. The tone of High Heat is light, but it has aspirations to be more and drops the ball whenever it tries to be dramatic. Even when the jokes are successful, the plot pushes forward in a way that steps on what would otherwise be a good joke.

In Haskell County, the heat rocketed from a moderate high of 79.9 degrees on June 9 to a scalding 101.1 degrees just two days later. Then came three more days of triple-digit highs that topped out at more than 104 degrees, according to weather data from Kansas State University.

Summer warmth notwithstanding, 2022 is still on track to likely be the fifth warmest year on record in most datasets, though it could be as high as the second or as low as the eighth depending on how temperatures develop in the remaining six months of the year.

The UK smashed its prior all-time high temperature record by 1.6C, reaching 40.3C. Across most of Europe, temperatures reached between 40C and 43C, with Hamburg in Germany passing 40C for the first time. The figure below shows the locations that broke daily, monthly or all-time record highs across Europe on 19 July.

In the UK, the July heat set new record high daily maxima and minima for England, Scotland and Wales. In total, six sites in the UK saw temperatures of 40C or more, and 46 sites provisionally surpassed the previous record of 38.7C.

Earlier in the year, India and Pakistan experienced a heatwave remarkable both in its severity and its persistence. High temperatures lasted from March through May and broke many all-time high daily records in both countries. Analysis by researchers at the World Weather Attribution group, published in May, found that the heat wave was made at least 30 times more likely due to climate change.

An unprecedented heat wave is underway in France and the U.K. that is likely to topple all-time national high temperature records and potentially kill several thousand people. The scorching heat is moving north into a more vulnerable region after tormenting Spain and Portugal.

Las Vegas tied a record for the day set in 1956, with temperatures soaring to 109 F (43 C). The National Weather Service said there was a chance the high temperatures in both cities could rise even more.

Europe saw its hottest summer ever recorded and several prolonged and intense heatwaves affected parts of western and northern Europe. C3S again underlines that ERA5 concurs with other widely used temperature datasets that European temperatures have increased by more than twice the global average over the past 30 years and has the highest rate of increase of any continent in the world.

According to ERA5, the annual average temperature was 0.3C above the reference period of 1991-2020, which equates to approximately 1.2C higher than the period 1850-1900, typically used as a proxy for the pre-industrial era. This makes 2022 the eighth year in a row of temperatures more than 1C above the pre-industrial level. Further, each boreal summer month during 2022 was at least the third warmest globally.

Both polar regions saw episodes of record temperatures during 2022. March saw the Antarctic experience an intense warm period with temperatures well above average. At Vostok station, in the interior of East Antarctica, for example, the reported temperature reached -17.7C, the warmest ever measured in its 65-year record. During September, temperatures over the center of Greenland were 8C higher than average with C3S data showing that almost all the country experienced average temperatures higher than any in September since at least 1979, associated with southerly prevailing winds that were warmer than normal.

In the tropical and subtropical regions, extremely high pre-monsoon temperatures in Pakistan and northern India resulted in prolonged spring heatwave conditions and record-breaking maximum and minimum temperatures. Central and eastern China experienced long-lived heatwave conditions with subsequent drought during the summer.

The unusual warmth in late spring and summer in Europe combined with a lack of rain, clear skies and dry soils, brought drought conditions especially to the southern and central parts of the continent. Many countries reported impacts on agriculture, river transport and energy management. Extremely dry conditions also led to increased fire danger resulting in unusually high fire activity in southwestern Europe, especially France and Spain.

Together with the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS), C3S reveals that atmospheric greenhouse gases continued to increase in 2022. Preliminary analysis of satellite data averaged over the whole atmospheric column, shows that carbon dioxide concentrations rose by approximately 2.1 ppm, while methane rose by around 12 ppb. This resulted in an annual average for 2022 of approximately 417 ppm for carbon dioxide and 1894 ppb for methane. For both gases this is the highest concentrations from the satellite record, and by including other records, the highest levels for over 2 million years for carbon dioxide and over 800 000 years for methane.

Annual global total emissions from vegetation fires continue to decline in relation to land use changes and declining savanna fires in the tropics. However, scientists from CAMS monitored significantly increased fire emissions in some regions of Europe where hotter and drier conditions contributed to increased flammability and fire danger. As a result, the total estimated summer (June-August) emissions from wildfires in the European Union and United Kingdom were the highest since 2007. France, Spain, Germany, and Slovenia experienced their highest summer wildfire emissions for at least the last 20 years, contributing to degraded air quality locally.

Aug. 23Lancaster, California sets a daily record high with the temperature climbing to 109 degrees, before breaking another record one week later when the temperature hit 112 degrees, shattering a daily record that stood for more than 70 years.

Aug. 31Anaheim, California hits 106 degrees, breaking a previous high of 102 degrees set in 2007, and setting a new monthly record in the city for the month of August, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Source: @FansOfStorms on Twitter (left), China Electricity Council (right)California: Another Record Summer Brings Grid Stress and Sweltering ConditionsThat same summer, California was also under stress from excessive heat and power supply shortages. Similar to Sichuan, California experienced record-breaking temperatures during the week of September 4. The daily high in Sacramento, the state capital, climbed above 44C (110F) on September 6 (Exhibit 3). The dramatic heat drove up demand to a new peak of 52,061 MW on September 6, breaking the previous record set 16 years prior.

The opening 20 minutes or so are a boring write-off and then Diamond Dallas Page appears as the main bad guy. I was ready to turn it off and have a self high-five (a WCW reference for the kids there) for making that decision but having stuck with it, I ended up having a far better time with it than anyone could reasonably expect. 041b061a72

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