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Where To Buy Alcantara Fabric

The good news is that there are steps you can take to measure your car seat, steering wheel, headliner accurately. Here are the steps you can take to purchase just the right amount of Alcantara fabric for your vehicle.

where to buy alcantara fabric


Auto upholstery shops across North America were recently shocked to hear that their go-to suppliers for Alcantara are no longer selling the popular fabric. And if they are, that inventory is about to run out.

Hello, I would like to buy enough Alcantara fabric to recover my headliner and matching C pillar covers. My car is a 2003 VW GTi 2dr sunroof. The headliner is the stock basic headliner, I guess Pearl Grey would be a description of the color. kind of an off-white. Do you have a match for that? Is there a system that will match colors that is online and will enable an exact match? ThanksWayne Kindle

Genuine Alcantara Textile for Seats, Made in Italy. Alcantara is a premium suede-like textile fabric, superior in craftsmanship and its workability for automotive applications. Alcantara is OEM for many luxury vehicle interiors, including Audi, Jaguar, Tesla, Lexus, Lamborghini, BMW, Alfa Romeo, and Maserati. Alcantara is used on seats, steering wheels, and many other interior trim surfaces.

Alcantara is an Italian-made synthetic fabric that is durable and feels like suede. Alcantara has a soft, suede-like microfiber pile and is renowned for its unmatched durability. Alcantara is commonly used in car interiors such as Alcantara car seats or Alcantara steering wheel covers.

Alcantara applications include furniture,[6] clothing, jewelry, safety helmets and automobiles. In the latter it is used in seating, dashboard trim and headliners by many high-end OEM automotive suppliers. It is commonly used as steering wheel covering in many performance oriented vehicles. Louis Vuitton uses Alcantara linings in many of its bags. It appears in the collaboration with Takashi Murakami under the creative direction of fashion designer Marc Jacobs, wherein the white Multicolor Monogram bags have a bright fuchsia Alcantara lining.

UK Retail and wholesale suppliers of craft, fashion and upholstery fabrics. Specialist suppliers to the fashion & theoretical trade. Buy cheap fabrics online directly from Prestige Wholesale Fabrics & TMG Wholesale Fabrics. We manufacture and source our own range of fabrics from various countries around the world.

DISCLAIMER:The images provided are for demonstration only, and may not be an exact indication of the fabric colour. Every effort is made to make the images as accurate as possible. Please be aware that colours of fabrics may slightly differ from the original fabrics in your vehicle, due to a combination of discrepancies in batch productions and colour dyes, and your original fabrics' wear and exposure to sunlight. All fabrics are sold as cut lengths as requested. To this end, returns cannot be accepted.

Great article on cleaning Alcantara. Most dont know that alcantara has been around for many years.One important factor, that you mentioned, is do not scrub to hard. Also do not saturate the material. Thanks for your insight.

Photo Disclaimer: While our photos are of the actual fabric being sold and are taken to most accurately represent the fabrics actual colors and patterns. Due to lighting variations, fabric grain, glare, and the environment in which the photos are being taken. We cannot guarantee the photos are a true and accurate representation of the colors in the fabric. If you have any concerns that the colors may not meet your expectations. Please order a sample swatch prior to purchasing the fabric.

A: Yes and No. "Stains" is a broad word. Some stains yes....others no. Shag is a general fabric maintenance formula. Oil stains, for example, need a specific degreaser (Titan 12) to be released from the fabric. Juice and coffee stains may need a heavier specialized cleaner etc.... It's about diagnosing what the source of the stain is, then using the proper cleaner. Shag is a generalized cleaner for weekly maintenance.

Had some oil-based dressing leaked all over my fabric seats from a takeout bag. Luckily, I had some Shag in my garage and applied it immediately. After about 2-3 applications my seats are as good as new. Highly recommend keeping this stuff on hand for any accidental spills or stubborn stains.

the appeal of ALCANTARA stems from a true technological breakthrough, an invention that comes from japan. it all started in 1970, when japanese dr. miyoshi okamoto filed a patent for this innovative material. to tap the full potential of this extraordinary discovery, the ENI group (the largest energy producer in italy) was chosen as the european partner that could help it tackle the market. once an agreement had been signed for commercial use of the patent, the material was launched under the brand name alcantara. all phases of processing, from spinning to dyeing, are carried out in the 450,000 square meters of the large italian plant in nera montoro, near terni.

Alcantara fabric has been a staple of the Surface Laptop since it debuted. At the time, it came in four colors -- Burgundy, Cobalt Blue, Platinum, and Graphite Gold. Microsoft also introduced the Signature Type Cover, an Alcantara keyboard for the Surface Pro. The colors changed over the years, and now Alcantara is just an option on two colors for the Surface Laptop 4. Those colors are Platinum and Ice Blue.

Before you start your weekly cleaning, make sure you've dusted your Surface Laptop 4. Next, grab a slightly moistened white cotton cloth and run it over the fabric. Don't use anything with colors or ink, as it might stain the material.

OK, you've gone through great lengths to properly care for your Surface Laptop 4's keyboard daily, weekly, and yearly. But you've just messed it up by spilling something on it. That's where stain removal comes in.

Hello! I'm the Editor-in-Chief of XDA, and I've been reporting on all things consumer tech since 2013. More recently, I've had more of a focus on Windows, and I've reviewed pretty much every mainstream laptop under the sun. If you see me somewhere, come say hello and let me ask you awkward questions about why you use the tech that you use.

1 Shake the bottle well to activate formula2 Spray directly onto the fabric, cloth or sponge3 Use circular motions to lift away the dirt from your leather.4 Using a soft terry towel wipe away all dirt residue.

This property makes suede very easy to stain and even permanently damage. Because of this, suede is terrible for usage in automobiles where the elements are frequently introduced and the materials are hard to remove for proper cleaning.

I can't pinpoint exactly when it started happening, but it seems like almost every single performance car interior nowadays comes with something covered in Alcantara. Somebody somewhere must have decided this was the thing that would please the enthusiasts, and as a loud member of the enthusiast community, I must put my foot down. Enough is enough.

Furthermore, Alcantara gets grimy, y'all, because humans are disgusting. We secrete oils and fluids and shed microscopic skin cells at all times. You're doing it right now as you're reading this, ya filthy animal. If you're sitting in your car, all of that slop (word here courtesy of Peter Holderith) has to go somewhere. It goes all over that faux suede and really just gets in there. Sinks in. Festers.

If automakers must put Alcantara on the insides of their cars, put it somewhere where no one will touch it. Line the ceiling and the car's pillars with it. Roll it out over the dashboard under the windshield to cut down on glare. Put it in places where we can look but mustn't touch.

S. Consult a professional prior to cleaning. Frequent vacuuming or light brushing to remove dust and grime is recommended. Be careful not to create any abrasions or blemishes. Follow the instructions carefully when using a solvent or dry cleaning product. Clean only in a well-ventilated area. Clean with a dry cleaning solvent, which should be evenly dispersed and immediately absorbed/vacuumed. Do not apply large amounts of solvent that could penetrate the fabric down to the foam/padding as the solvent may damage or dissolve the filling.

Interior Volkswagen 7 GTI TCR finished in a combination of Alcantara/fabric grey red. Plug and play install in a Golf 7, the interior comes from a demo car and is as good as new apart from a few minor damages from disassembly. These are shown in the images. Features: manual height adjustment, manual lumbar support and a manual backrest adjustment. Airbags are included with this interior.

With our more than 15 years of experience in the industry of car interiors, we now know better than anyone what is needed. We are regularly asked for an exclusive car interior from a specific type of car or for a part, foam part or upholstery of a car seat. That is why we thought it was time to create a platform where we can offer all these often specific products. Everything under one roof and easy to order online.

Use a standard measurement tape to measure your head like the illustration above. Please measure 3 seperate times for accuracy and try to measure in the angle where your cap will sit. The video above shows you how to do this correctly.

Similarly blissful, Alcantara is a suede-like microfiber material that has been put inside luxury cars since the 1970s. Made in Italy, the land of exquisite taste, Alcantara is composed of polyester and polyurethane to produce a soft-feeling fabric that is also highly resistant to stains. 041b061a72

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