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Maverick Sanchez
Maverick Sanchez

Snatam Kaur - Mul Mantra - Ek Ong Kar

This morning as I sat meditating the thought came to mind to share with you the power of the Mul Mantra. This mantra was given to us by Guru Nanak, the first Guru of the Sikhs who walked this earth in the fifteenth century. It is a mantra that gives you the compass so that you may find your true self. This true self sits within the opening of your heart. Some say that the most difficult journey in life is moving from the energy of the navel center to the heart center.

Snatam Kaur - Mul Mantra - Ek Ong Kar

The Mul Mantra translates as the root mantra from which a spiritual foundation is built. The Siri Guru Granth Sahib is based upon the concepts of the Mul Mantra.Yogi Bhajan says on chanting the Mul Mantra"The Mul Mantra is a fate killer. It removes the fate and changes the destiny to complete prosperity."

This mantra is said to contain the essence of Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the central religious scripture of Sikhism. In Kundalini yoga, chanting Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad is believed to stimulate the opening of all seven chakras, as a means of awakening kundalini energy.

Ek Ong Kar should be chanted with focus at the navel point; when reciting Ek Ong, the navel draws in, when reciting Kar, the navel goes out. For maximum benefits, this mantra should be chanted in an unbroken rhythm for 3 to 11 minutes.

This is the mantra that all beginners to Sikhism have to learn and repeat (aloud or in their mind) over and over again until it becomes an automatic process. After learning this short verse and its full meaning, it is common for beginner practitioners to awake early in the morning, wash, and start a mantra meditation on this mantra for 20 to 30 minutes focusing on the sound and meaning of each mantra word. 041b061a72

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