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Maverick Sanchez

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Arrive at the West Thumb Scenic Area, the Yellowstone cabin where you stay is not far from here. Walking along the trail, the distant mountains and lakes, together with the evening sun, make the heart very peaceful.

But really in the larger sense, that's what needs to happen for the economy to really get going again, is for people to say this thing's a dead end, I'm going to go where the jobs are, and that's why we see people moving to North Dakota, where there are lots of energy jobs. That's why people are moving out to Utah, to take jobs in the tech sector. Wherever the jobs are, that's where people are starting to head.

GEEWAX: Yes. This is one of the things that I've certainly been seeing in the economy. I've seen a number of reports about this, talked to a lot of business owners. That one of their biggest constraints on growth right now is the lack of workers who are trained at doing things like driving big trucks, working heavy equipment. You really - it's amazing how there are really lots of blue collar jobs that are starting to go begging because people aren't properly trained for them. 041b061a72

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