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Hot Girls Wanted

Rayne, another woman featured in the series, recruits girls into the porn industry. She has her own line of content and a website, and she also works as a Cam Girl, which is someone who performs various sexual acts live online for monetary tips from viewers.

Hot Girls Wanted


One of the most disturbing things about this series is the age range of the featured girls who are involved in the porn industry. Bonnie is 19, and other individuals in the series are 18. A girl shown in one episode is still in high school and producers encourage her to use that fact to sell herself and make more money.

Anyone interested in remaining emotionally detached from their masturbation materials should probably avoid Hot Girls Wanted. The Sundance hit from directors Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus and producer Rashida Jones (yes, that Rashida Jones) forces viewers to confront the uncomfortable truth that the young girls we use for sexual gratification online are also daughters, girlfriends or sisters, former high school cheerleaders and aspiring photographers, well-rounded human beings who frequently struggle with their decision to fuck on camera for money.

They are the girls next door and, despite their initial starry-eyed entrance into the lucrative industry, they are woefully unprepared for the realities of this often dangerous and always competitive world.

When asked by her mother whether she was afraid of getting sick, Tressa thought it was sufficient to point out that all of the girls get tested for STDs every two weeks. As far as unwanted pregnancies go, the girls insist most men ejaculate outside of them.

Directors Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus originally planned to cover male consumption of porn on college campuses, according to the Telegraph. When they discovered that girls fresh out of high school appeared in these films, they shifted focus.

On its face - and with its suggestive cover - the film pulls in viewers under incredibly sexy pretenses, like a modern-day Pretty Woman. But all too soon, viewers figure out that Richard Gere isn't coming to the rescue. The intricate realities of life as a sex worker in America, as told by filmmakers following some of the girls who aren't faking it, is about as heart-wrenching as it gets. Hot Girls Wanted confronts some of what lies behind the sexy front of adult entertainment.

In one scene of Hot Girls Wanted, a female performer admits that she's nervous as she readies herself for a scene to be featured on a website with a name that admits it exploits teens. "There is an influx of girls trying to do [adult films]," says John Anthony, an adult film actor. "A lot of them know it's a trap but the money's there in their face, right now - cash! They take it and just hope for the best."

Reynolds explains how in a single year, he went from being a bullied high school student to a dishwasher at Outback Steakhouse to a talent agent living in Miami Beach in a five-bedroom house with his own car. The young agent made his money connecting teen female talent to filmmakers. Reynolds boasts that he only works with "amateur girls" whom he refers to as "teeny-boppers."

How to make society more tolerant when it comes to this work is another matter entirely. Unfortunately, for now we have to educate people (girls considering joining and the general public) based on the current social climate, not based on the utopia environment that we desire.

The doc had a shot at making a good point about how the power dynamics for new girls in the industry almost entirely favor producers and that models should have much more agency, but sadly just skipped over this to be anti-porn. 041b061a72

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