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Led Bathroom Mirrors - Be One Of The Led Lighting Revolution!

One aspect to take into account when designing a bathroom that will feature lighted mirrors is where they should be strategically placed, as the sense of space they provide can make the room appear bigger. Aesthetics and functionality in one.

Led Bathroom Mirrors - Be one Of The Led Lighting Revolution!

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Usability means designs that improve the quality of your experience when you interact with a certain element. At Noken, we offer mirrors like the Pure Line mirror with perimeter lighting, which will help revolutionise your bathroom, thanks to their demisting technology, Bluetooth connection, optional mobile phone shelf and LED lighting with proximity sensor.

The idea of having a mirror with built-in lighting may not be new. In fact, as far back as the 1960s retailers were selling make-up mirrors with built-in bulbs. But with the arrival of the LED revolution, the concept has become more popular than ever. Built-in lighting is especially beneficial for those more functional mirrors in bathrooms and closets, where a higher lumen output is required to accomplish certain tasks. Using LEDs behind a sand-blasted segment of mirror will alow the light to come through in a diffused glow, right where you need it most. Many of these types of mirrors can be ordered as pre-made units online for thousands of dollars. But for the serious DIYer with the right tools, this built-in look is certainly not beyond reach!

This new product concept, recently presented at IDEOBAIN, is a revolution for bathrooms. These new organizing mirrors solve space and storage problems and allow you to store all the hygiene and beauty products you need. All shelves are sized to...

From 3 to 6 October, we were present in Paris (Porte de Versailles) at IDEOBAIN, one of the most important bathroom equipment fairs in France, to show off our latest innovations in LED mirrors for bathroom spaces to almost 350,000...

Following the trend of round mirrors, we present the MIA ROUND. The circular version of our TOP SALES. A highly decorative mirror with functional front lighting. It also stands out for its frame which compactly encloses the entire installation. It...

Launched by Kohler at CES, the Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror brings an embedded Amazon Alexa into the bathroom via voicecontrolled medicine cabinets that do everything an Amazon Echo can. Envisioned as the centerpiece of the Kohler Konnect portfolio of smart products, Verdera also controls other Kohler products by voice and has voice-controlled LED lighting.

The exhaust fan prevents mold, bacteria, and fungi growth on surfaces in your bathroom or other humidity prone environment. Surfaceshield technology combined with powerful ventilation offers effective protection against bacteria, mold and fungi growth in your home. Offering a super-quiet sound rating of 1.0 sone, the surface shield 110 CFM exhaust bath fan generates powerful air circulation with minimal background noise. There are two lighting modes in the surface shield led light, an everyday white light perfect for task lighting and the surface shield continuous antimicrobial mode. the fan offers an Ezduct connector for hassle-free room-side installation with no attic access needed. With the addition of the Ezduct connector, other new additions have been added including foldable mounting ears, a new damper and housing technology that improves airtightness like never before. This bath fan includes soft white led lighting for energy savings and a grille that compliments any decor.

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